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Translations Guide

All text and numerical content in widgets should be translated and localized. English is the default language, and other languages can be added via Crowdin.


Homepage uses the next-i18next library to handle translations. This library provides a set of hooks and utilities to help you localize your widgets, and Homepage has extended this library to support additional features.

import { useTranslation } from "next-i18next";

import Container from "components/services/widget/container";
import Block from "components/services/widget/block";

export default function Component() {
  const { t } = useTranslation();

  return (
    <Container service={service}>
      <Block label="yourwidget.key1" />
      <Block label="yourwidget.key2" />
      <Block label="yourwidget.key3" />

Set up translation strings

Homepage uses translated and localized strings for all text and numerical content in widgets. English is the default language, and other languages can be added via Crowdin. To add the English translations for your widget, follow these steps:

Open the public/locales/en/common.js file.

Add a new object for your widget to the bottom of the list, like this:

"yourwidget": {
  "key1": "Value 1",
  "key2": "Value 2",
  "key3": "Value 3"


Even if you natively speak another language, you should only add English translations. You can then add translations in your native language via Crowdin, once your widget is merged.

Common Translations

Homepage provides a set of common translations that you can use in your widgets. These translations are used to format numerical content, dates, and other common elements.


Key Translation Description
common.bytes 1,000 B Format a number in bytes.
common.bits 1,000 bit Format a number in bits.
common.bbytes 1 KiB Format a number in binary bytes.
common.bbits 1 Kibit Format a number in binary bits.
common.byterate 1,000 B/s Format a byte rate.
common.bibyterate 1 KiB/s Format a binary byte rate.
common.bitrate 1,000 bit/s Format a bit rate.
common.bibitrate 1 Kibit/s Format a binary bit rate.
common.percent 50% Format a percentage.
common.number 1,000 Format a number. 1,000 ms Format a number in milliseconds. 2024-01-01 Format a date.
common.relativeDate 1 day ago Format a relative date.
common.uptime 1 day, 1 hour Format an uptime.


Key Translation Description
resources.cpu CPU CPU usage.
resources.mem MEM Memory usage. Total Total resource. Free Free resource.
resources.used Used Used resource.
resources.load Load Load value.
resources.temp TEMP Temperature value.
resources.max Max Maximum value.
resources.uptime UP Uptime.