(Find the Stocks service widget here)

The Stocks Information Widget allows you to include basic stock market data in your Homepage header. The widget includes the current price of a stock, and the change in price for the day. is currently the only supported provider for the stocks widget. You can sign up for a free api key at You are encouraged to read's terms of service/privacy policy before signing up. The documentation for the endpoint that is utilized can be viewed here.

You must set finnhub as a provider in your settings.yaml like below:

  finnhub: yourfinnhubapikeyhere

Next, configure the stocks widget in your widgets.yaml:

The information widget allows for up to 8 items in the watchlist.

- stocks:
    provider: finnhub
    color: true # optional, defaults to true
    cache: 1 # optional, default caches results for 1 minute
      - GME
      - AMC
      - NVDA
      - AMD
      - TSM
      - MSFT
      - AAPL
      - BRK.A

The above configuration would result in something like this:

Example of Stocks Widget