(Find the Stocks information widget here)

The widget includes:

  • US stock market status
  • Current price of provided stock symbol
  • Change in price of stock symbol for the day. is currently the only supported provider for the stocks widget. You can sign up for a free api key at You are encouraged to read's terms of service/privacy policy before signing up.

Allowed fields: no configurable fields for this widget.

You must set finnhub as a provider in your settings.yaml:

  finnhub: yourfinnhubapikeyhere

Next, configure the stocks widget in your services.yaml:

The service widget allows for up to 28 items in the watchlist. You may get rate limited if using the information and service widgets together.

  type: stocks
  provider: finnhub
  showUSMarketStatus: true # optional, defaults to true
    - GME
    - AMC
    - NVDA
    - TSM
    - BRK.A
    - TSLA
    - AAPL
    - MSFT
    - AMZN
    - BRK.B