Homepage uses YAML for configuration, YAML stands for "YAML Ain't Markup Language.". It's a human-readable data serialization format that's a superset of JSON. Great for config files, easy to read and write. Supports complex data types like lists and objects. Indentation matters. If you already use Docker Compose, you already use YAML.

Here are some tips when writing YAML:

  1. Use Indentation Carefully: YAML relies on indentation, not brackets.
  2. Avoid Tabs: Stick to spaces for indentation to avoid parsing errors. 2 spaces are common.
  3. Quote Strings: Use single or double quotes for strings with special characters, this is especially important for API keys.
  4. Key-Value Syntax: Use key: value format. Colon must be followed by a space.
  5. Validate: Always validate your YAML with a linter before deploying.

You can find tons of online YAML validators, here's one:, heres another: