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Homepage has two types of widgets: info and service. Below we'll cover each type and how to configure them.

Service Widgets

Service widgets are used to display the status of a service, often a web service or API. Services (and their widgets) are defined in your services.yml file. Here's an example:

- Plex:
    icon: plex.png
    description: Watch movies and TV shows.
    server: localhost
    container: plex
      type: tautulli
      key: aabbccddeeffgghhiijjkkllmmnnoo

Info Widgets

Info widgets are used to display information in the header, often about your system or environment. Info widgets are defined your widgets.yml file. Here's an example:

- openmeteo:
    label: Current
    latitude: 36.66
    longitude: -117.51
    cache: 5