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Monthly view


This widget shows monthly calendar, with optional integrations to show events from supported widgets.

  type: calendar
  firstDayInWeek: sunday # optional - defaults to monday
  view: monthly # optional - possible values monthly, agenda
  maxEvents: 10 # optional - defaults to 10
  integrations: # optional
    - type: sonarr # active widget type that is currently enabled on homepage - possible values: radarr, sonarr, lidarr, readarr
      service_group: Media # group name where widget exists
      service_name: Sonarr # service name for that widget
      color: teal # optional - defaults to pre-defined color for the service (teal for sonarr)
      params: # optional - additional params for the service
        unmonitored: true # optional - defaults to false, used with *arr stack


This view shows only list of events from configured integrations

  type: calendar
  view: agenda
  maxEvents: 10 # optional - defaults to 10
  integrations: # same as in Monthly view example


Currently integrated widgets are sonarr, radarr, lidarr and readarr.

Supported colors can be found on color palette.