Azure DevOps

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This widget has 2 functions:

  1. Pipelines: checks if the relevant pipeline is running or not, and if not, reports the last status.
    Allowed fields: ["result", "status"].

  2. Pull Requests: returns the amount of open PRs, the amount of the PRs you have open, and how many PRs that you open are marked as 'Approved' by at least 1 person and not yet completed.
    Allowed fields: ["totalPrs", "myPrs", "approved"].

You will need to generate a personal access token for an existing user, see the azure documentation

  type: azuredevops
  organization: myOrganization
  project: myProject
  definitionId: pipelineDefinitionId # required for pipelines
  branchName: branchName # optional for pipelines, leave empty for all
  userEmail: email # required for pull requests
  repositoryId: prRepositoryId # required for pull requests
  key: personalaccesstoken