Home Assistant

Learn more about Home Assistant.

You will need to generate a long-lived access token for an existing Home Assistant user in its profile.

Allowed fields: ["people_home", "lights_on", "switches_on"].

Up to a maximum of four custom states and/or templates can be queried via the custom property like in the example below. The custom property will have no effect as long as the fields property is defined.

  • state will query the state of the specified entity_id
  • state labels and values can be user defined and may reference entity attributes in curly brackets
  • if no state label is defined it will default to "{attributes.friendly_name}"
  • if no state value is defined it will default to "{state} {attributes.unit_of_measurement}"
  • template will query the specified template, see Home Assistant Templating
  • if no template label is defined it will be empty
  type: homeassistant
  url: http://homeassistant.host.or.ip:port
  key: access_token
    - state: sensor.total_power
    - state: sensor.total_energy_today
      label: energy today
    - template: "{{ states.switch|selectattr('state','equalto','on')|list|length }}"
      label: switches on
    - state: weather.forecast_home
      label: wind speed
      value: "{attributes.wind_speed} {attributes.wind_speed_unit}"