Synology Disk Station

Learn more about Synology Disk Station.

Note: the widget is not compatible with 2FA.

An optional 'volume' parameter can be supplied to specify which volume's free space to display when more than one volume exists. The value of the parameter must be in form of volume_N, e.g. to display free space for volume2, volume_2 should be set as 'volume' value. If omitted, first returned volume's free space will be shown (not guaranteed to be volume1).

Allowed fields: ["uptime", "volumeAvailable", "resources.cpu", "resources.mem"].

To access these system metrics you need to connect to the DiskStation (DSM) with an account that is a member of the default Administrators group. That is because these metrics are requested from the API's SYNO.Core.System part that is only available to admin users. In order to keep the security impact as small as possible we can set the account in DSM up to limit the user's permissions inside the Synology system. In DSM 7.x, for instance, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new user, i.e. remote_stats.
  2. Set up a strong password for the new user
  3. Under the User Groups tab of the user config dialogue check the box for Administrators.
  4. On the Permissions tab check the top box for No Access, effectively prohibiting the user from accessing anything in the shared folders.
  5. Under Applications check the box next to Deny in the header to explicitly prohibit login to all applications.
  6. Now only allow login to the DSM application, either by
  7. unchecking Deny in the respective row, or (if inheriting permission doesn't work because of other group settings)
  8. checking Allow for this app, or
  9. checking By IP for this app to limit the source of login attempts to one or more IP addresses/subnets.
  10. When the Preview column shows Allow in the DSM row, click Save.

Now configure the widget with the correct login information and test it.

If you encounter issues during testing:

  1. Make sure to uncheck the option for automatic blocking due to invalid logins under Control Panel > Security > Protection.
  2. If desired, this setting can be reactivated once the login is established working.
  3. Login to your Synology DSM with the newly created account and accept terms and conditions.
  4. Reattempt
  type: diskstation
  username: username
  password: password
  volume: volume_N # optional