You can add a search bar to your top widget area that can search using Google, Duckduckgo, Bing, Baidu, Brave or any other custom provider that supports the basic ?q= search query param.

- search:
    provider: google # google, duckduckgo, bing, baidu, brave or custom
    focus: true # Optional, will set focus to the search bar on page load
    showSearchSuggestions: true # Optional, will show search suggestions. Defaults to false
    target: _blank # One of _self, _blank, _parent or _top

or for a custom search:

- search:
    provider: custom
    target: _blank
    suggestionUrl: # Optional
    showSearchSuggestions: true # Optional

multiple providers is also supported via a dropdown (excluding custom):

- search:
    provider: [brave, google, duckduckgo]

The response body for the URL provided with the suggestionUrl option should look like this:

    "home depot",
    "home depot near me",
    "home equity loan",
    "homebase login",
    "home depot credit card",
    "home goods"

The first entry of the array contains the search query, the second one is an array of the suggestions. In the example above, the search query was home.

Added in v0.1.6, updated in 0.6.0